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Middleton Funeral Home is located in Middleton, Nova Scotia. It is also known as Warren T. Roop Funeral Home and has been providing funeral services since 1960. Gary Marshall is the current funeral director. A complete range of services is offered by them and can be tailored to meet your individual or your family’s requests.

Thomas Spinney and Gary Marshall are the co-owners of the funeral house, who were both formerly used with the Roop household. Today, the funeral house continues with Gary Marshall, owner, preserving the very same custom of exceptional service and empathy and selecting to stay separately owned and run.

Their website address is middletonfuneralhome.com. Hence, you can explore the website, you can find about the recent obituaries on their obituaries section under the website’s navigation. To support you through every step of your arrangements and to help you commemorate the special memories of your loved one they do every bit they can.

Address and other Information

Address:398 Main Street Middleton, NS, Canada B0S 1P0
Email: info@middletonfuneralhome.com
ServicesFuneral & Cremation

Middleton Funeral Home Location and Direction

Website: www.middletonfuneralhome.com

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