Andrew Hodges Funeral Home in St. Marys, ON – Contact, Amenities and More


Andrew Hodges and wife Andrea Macko-Hodges have owned the Andrew Hodges Funeral Home since December 2003. The Hodges are the most recent in a line of caring families and people who have actually served St. Marys and location for practically 120 years. Although the funeral home has seen plenty of developments since 1897, by way of locations and owners, the same commitment continues; a regionally owned establishment that accommodates each family it serves with personalized service in a kind and cheerful atmosphere.

Below are the listed contact details for the Andrew Hodges Funeral Home located in St. Marys, Ontario. They have a website where they have listed every other detail of their services. You can find the list of recent obituaries on their website’s obituaries section.

Address and other Information

47 Wellington Street South, PO Box 304
St. Marys, Ontario
Telephone: 1 519 284 2820
ServicesFuneral & Cremation

Andrew Hodges Funeral Home Location and Directions

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